Illinois Producer Information

Resident Producer


How to Print Your License

You are entitled to one free license print from this website.

  1.  Go to
  2. At Step 1:  Select Illinois.
  3. At Step 2:   Click on Print License
  4. This should take you to the License Manager page
  5. Change Jurisdiction to:  Illinois
  6. Enter Individual or Business Entity at Entity Type:
  7. Enter Last Name
  8. Enter NPN#
  9. Enter Last 4 digits of SSN
  10. Click on “Search”
  11. Once you have searched for your transcript with License Manager, click the list icon on the black tool bar on the summary page. (top of page)   For best results, print your education transcript in landscape orientation. Here's how: 1) click the list icon on the black tool bar; 2) click the Properties button or link in the Print dialog box; 3) select the Layout/Finishing tab; 4) select the Landscape radio button; 5) click the OK button; 6) at the main Print screen, click the OK button. The select print directions may differ, depending on your printer.